About Workshop 2014    

I am pleased to welcome you to the Workshop 2014 information center.

The theme of this year's conference, "Looking Back…Leaping Forward” is a celebration of the New Jersey School Boards Association's 100th anniversary and the progress we have made (and continue to make) in New Jersey to create the best possible educational system for our children. The conference will be held Oct. 28-30 at the Atlantic City Convention Center.

In planning this year's event, our team has read through hundreds of surveys, listened to your feedback, and is working hard to make Workshop 2014, our 100th anniversary celebration, the best Workshop conference ever!

As New Jersey's school leaders have come to expect, Workshop will continue the tradition of top-notch training on negotiations, school law, policy, curriculum, technology, STEM, sustainability and other areas vital to effective school district leadership. It's the opportunity for all of us to become learners and, this year, to experience the school district and the classroom of the future.

Please be my guest at Workshop 2014. As someone who cares about public education and student achievement in New Jersey, as I know you do, you can't miss this conference.

Dr Feinsod Signature
Dr. Lawrence S. Feinsod
Executive Director, NJSBA

Highlights from 2014

  • Dr. Lawrence S. Feinsod, NJSBA executive director;  Don Guardian, mayor of Atlantic City; and John Bulina, NJSBA president, open Workshop 2014 with a ribbon cutting.
  • Diane Lein, president of the Greenwich Township (Warren) board, helped conduct an Action Lab program,  The Four Cs and High-Performing School Boards.
  • Don Webster, president of the Manchester Township (Ocean) board, and NJSBA vice president for finance, was a presenter at the final report of the NJSBA Safe and Secure Schools Task Force
  • Rob Greitz, NJSBA consultant/negotiator, speaks with Wayne Gottlieb, West Milford board vice president
  • The NJSBA Student Achievement Task Force presented its initial findings; shown here is Avery W. Grant, a member of the Long Branch Board of Education, and the chairman of the committee
  • At left, Michael Kaelber, director of NJSBA’s legal, policy and labor relations department; and Steve McGettigan, manager of NJSBA’s policy unit
  • Peggy Saslow, of the New Milford Board of Education, was honored as the 2014 Board Member of the Year
  • Workshop 2014 celebrated NJSBA’s 100th anniversary
  • Dr. Lawrence S. Feinsod, NJSBA executive director; Dr. Karen Cortellino, Montville board president; and Dr. Paul Fried, Montville superintendent, were part of a panel discussion on building and maintaining an effective governance team.
  • NJSBA field service representatives Kathy Winecoff and Mary Ann Friedman spoke on school board strategic planning
  • Anne Byrne, president of the National School Boards Association, spoke to county association leaders
  • Kurt Rebovich, NJSBA county activities coordinator and Laurie Markowski, Flemington Raritan Board of Education member, and president of the Hunterdon County School Boards Association
  • From left: Ray Wiss, NJSBA immediate past president;  Dr. Anne K. Errickson, NJSBA vice president for county activities; Dr. Lawrence S. Feinsod, NJSBA executive director; Maud Dahme, former president of the New Jersey State Board of Education; John Bulina, NJSBA president; Jason Jones, NJSBA vice president for legislation/resolutions; and Don Webster, NJSBA vice president for finance
  • The Mock Board is a perennial Workshop favorite. Mike Kaelber, director of NJSBA’s legal, policy and labor relations department is at the podium.
  • Teacher of the Year Mark Mautone of Hoboken (at center)  with William Moffit, Hoboken business administrator, and Frances Rhodes-Kearns, Hoboken board member
  • Vince DeLucia, NJSBA director of training and professional development/ educator-in-residence spoke on student achievement at the Governance III training program
  • Leslie Morris, chief executive officer of Women of the Dream, Inc., and director of community relations at New Jersey Primary Care Association, at the student achievement panel.
  • David B. Rubin, Esq., (at center) was presented with the Distinguished Service Award at the School Law Forum. On either side of Rubin is Mike Kaelber, director of NJSBA’s legal, policy and labor relations department and Derlys Gutierrez, Esq., of Adams Gutierrez & Lattiboudere
  • At the legislative panel, from left, Dr. Lawrence S. Feinsod, NJSBA executive director; Assemblyman David Rible; Assemblyman Vincent Mazzeo; Jason Jones, NJSBA vice president for legislation/resolutions