Frequently Asked Questions

+What are the Dates for Workshop 2020?
+Where is the Workshop 2020?
+How do I reserve a booth or secure a sponsorship?
+What does my booth package include?
+How do I access my digital booth?
+How are booths assigned?
+What is a Digital Booth Upgrade?
+What are the deadlines for session submissions and advertising?
+What are the onsite registration hours?
+What are the Exhibit Floor Hours?
+Is parking available?
+Can I carry my booth materials through the front door or garage entrance?
+What are the Exhibit Floor Setup and Breakdown Times?
+Where can I order electric, carpet, internet, etc?
+What colors will be used for the draping and aisle carpeting?
+How do I register my booth personnel for badges?
+Can you help me with a hotel reservation?
+How do I get to the Convention Center each morning?