Booth Personnel Registration

To register booth personnel, the designated contact must list a unique email address for every person registered. The designated contact person has been assigned a login. Please use the email address on file as your login if. If you have forgotten your password, you may reset it on the registration page. Begin the booth personnel registration process.

Only the designated contact person on the booth contract has the ability to register booth personnel. If the contact person has changed for your company, please let us know immediately by emailing Lucia Gershman at [email protected].

The designated contact person will be able to login and make changes to registered booth personnel.

For every 10 x 10-booth space, five free badges are included. For example, if you have one 10 x 10-booth space, you are entitled to five free badges. If you have two 10 x 10 booths, you are entitled to ten free badges, etc.

Additional badges are available for purchase for $75 per badge. When purchasing additional badges, please email a list of the full names and email addresses of everyone requiring additional badges to [email protected].

At Workshop, booth personnel pre-registered by Friday, Oct. 18 may visit the registration counter or a kiosk in the registration area, type in their names and print their badges.  

Booth personnel who are not pre-registered or registered after Friday, Oct. 18 will need to go to a Badge Support station for assistance.