STEAM Tank Schedule Set for Workshop 2017

The STEAM TANK Challenge, created and sponsored by NJSBA and the U.S. Army, encourages students in the areas of STEAM – science, technology, engineering, the arts and math. Teams create innovative projects, and present their inventions to a judging panel of entrepreneurs, business leaders and inventors. More than 190 teams of K-8 and high school students have submitted applications to participate this year. In the spring, 37 regional winners were selected from the 90 school district teams that were chosen to present at the regional competitions. The regional winners will present their inventions to a panel of judges on Oct. 24 and Oct. 25 at Workshop 2017. Two statewide winners will be selected: one each from the grades K-8 and the grades 9-12 categories.

The STEAM TANK Challenge will take place in the I-STEAM Command Center on the Exhibit Floor.

Participating schools will present their STEAM TANK initiatives during the following days and times:

Tuesday, October 24

9:30 AM The Glasses Hat George J. Mitchell Elementary School
10:00 AM Flatulence Be Gone! DeMasi Middle School
10:30 AM Poison Proof Fitbit DeMasi Middle School
11:00 AM Road Rider Franklin Borough School
11:30 AM The Frozster Harmony Township School
12:00 PM A Disaster Relief Shelter West Amwell Township Elementary School
12:30 PM The InoTab West Amwell Township Elementary School
1:00 PM KAM Pack Frederic A. Priff Elementary School
1:30 PM ReCraft Ocean City Intermediate School
GRADES 9-12 
9:15 AM PALS HELP Point Pleasant Boro High School
9:45 AM Point Pleasant Boro School Application Point Pleasant Boro High School
10:15 AM Eco-Plastic Westwood Regional Jr./Sr. High School
10:45 AM Pop Furniture Westwood Regional High School
11:15 AM PetOmeter Moorestown High School
11:45 AM Refugee Assimilation Initiative (RAI) Moorestown High School
12:15 PM Tlaloc Water Moorestown High School
12:45 PM Cardio Pack Moorestown High School
1:15 PM Talking Walking Stick Cumberland Regional High School
1:45 PM SecuriCap Cumberland Regional High School

Wednesday, October 25

9:30 AM A Creation for the Braced Alder Ave Middle School
10:00 AM Robo Doggie Westampton Middle School
10:30 AM The "Save Me" Bottle Cinnaminson Middle School
11:00 AM Extremely Cozy Pet Bed Randall Carter Elementary School
11:30 AM Music Sheet Pager Lafayette Elementary School
12:00 PM Traposquitoe P.S. 28 Christa McAuliffe
12:30 PM Filter Frenzy (Tank Bio-filter) P.S. 28 Christ McAuliffe
1:00 PM SmartBrush+ Howell Middle School South
1:30 PM FlexRing Howell Middle School South
2:00 PM YourPath Howell Middle School South
GRADES 9-12 
9:15 AM The Charging Chest Atlantic County Institute of Technology
9:45 AM Electricity Generating Sneakers Palmyra High School
12:15 PM The Exo-Controller Manasquan High School
12:45 PM The Outdoor Eco-Track Manasquan High School